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Music Lab

Harmonium, Tabla, Dholak, Gungaroo, Bango, Flutes, Dhapli, Jeeka, Manjeere, Photographs of Musician

Language Lab

Computer - 05, Projector - 01, Screen - 01, Sound System - 01, DVD Player -01, LCD TV-01, Reading Writing Skills for Pre-Primary, Diagnostic Spelling Test, Rapid Automatic Naming, Essay Paragraph Analysis Scale, An Introduction to Linguistics and Phonetics, Educational CD's for Linguistic skills-listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing, Learn Spoken English (My English Friend), My Grammar Guru (A course for learning & teaching Grammar), Magic English Speaking Course, Charts of Language Teaching - 15

Subject Specific Instructional Resources

Math Lab

Set of Solid Geometrical Figures, Geometrical Instruments Box, Tape for Learning Measurement, Jug & Beaker, Wall Thermometer, Chemical Thermometer, Kitchen Balance, Geo-board, Abacus, Fiber Dummy Clock, Transparencies, Wooden Skip Counting Frame, Designer Fraction of Rubber Foam, Game Counting Frame, Charts of Arithmetic, Half Meter Scale, Plastic Moulds, Set of Cups, Junior Pythagoras Theorem, Geometrical Stencils, Set of Pearl Marbles, Pattern Making with Triangles, Squre Paper, Graph Paper, Paper (Differnt Colour), Fevi Stick, Fevicol, Scissors, Charts of Mathematics, Tangram, Dice, Place Value, Photos of Mathematicians - 05, Dummy Notes.


Screw Gauge-1, Vernier Callipers-1, Plane Mirror-1, Spring Balance-1, Thermometer-1, Compass-1, Prism -2, Concave Lens -2, Convex Lens - 2, Bar Magnet - 1, Stop Clock-1, Plug Key -1, Concave Mirror -1 , Convex Mirror - 1, Half Meter Scale -1, Glass Slab -1 , Tuning Fork -1.


Test Tube Stand Plastic -1, Beaker 100 ml- 2, Beaker 250 ml-2, Test Tubes -12, Watch Glass -6, Test Tube Brush -6, Reagent Bottles -6, Pipette -2, Measuring Cylinder -1, Litmus Paper Red -1, Litmus Paper Blue -1, Test Tube Holder -6, Tripod-1, Glass Rods-6, Wire Guaze-6, Different types of Chemicals.


Dissecting Box - 1, Dissecting Needles -6, Cover Slips -1, Plain Slides -1, Dissecting Microscope -3, Models-Heart, Eye, Specimens - 4. Charts -12, Simple Microscope – 06, Photos Eminent Scientists – 5, Test Tubes, Beakers.


Light Tracing Table, Diagonal Scale, Divider, Fuzi Colour, Soil Testing Kit, TLM - , Geographical Dictionary, Geographical Album, Globe, Atlas, Magic Lantern, GPS, 3 D Maps, Topographical Maps.


Various Types of Historical Maps (World, Asia, India)-20, History Dictionary, Various types of Charts -20, Models -05, Historical Album -01, Historical CD's-20.

about Us

Udyog College of Education is situated beside NH-60. The address of the College is Vill+P.O.-Damodarbati, P.S.-Onda, in the District of Bankura, West Bengal. The institution was established in the month of September 2009 and recognized by NCTE on 25 July 2011 and affiliated to the University of Burdwan on 29 August 2011 and the WBBPE on 27 February 2017.

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